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Karnataka: Land Struggle Launched

Karnataka: Land Struggle Launched
Applying the path of Telengana-Naxalbari to present concrete conditions, and trying to translate agrarian revolution to reality, with ‘land to the tiller’ slogan as the battle cry, CPI(ML) Karnataka State Committee has decided to spread struggles for land in all the districts where the party is active. As part of these struggles 64 acres of government land occupied by a landlord in Chikmangloor district was occupied by party and KRS volunteers and distributed among landless adivasi and dalit families in the area. Taking it as a good beginning a vigorous campaign was started in different districts along with study of land relations.

In Kudagu district in South Karnataka where land concentration in the hands of plantation owners and landlords are maximum, de-forested government lands are remaining fallow, and where a sizable section of the population are adivasis and other landless peasants, the district committee took out jathas on foot to propagate the land grab agitation in three tahsils. The response was very positive. In Chikmangloor, Shimoga, Raichur, Koppal and Gadag districts also village level campaign has started.

In January party and KRS activists mobilising the masses are going to occupy government lands lying fallow, illegal land in the custody of plantation owners, surplus lands with landlords and agricultural lands remaining uncultivated to start with. In Kudagu district alone village committees are formed in nearby areas to occupy 20,000 acres of government land lying uncultivated.

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