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Two more top Maoists arrested

Two more top Maoists arrested

Five others taken in custody in Orissa earlier produced in Khammam court

KHAMMAM: Two more members of the CPI (Maoist) central technical committee were arrested by the police in Bhadrachalam on Tuesday evening while five others of the panel taken in custody in Orisssa four days ago were produced in a Khammam court.

Maoists — Dasaram Kanakaiah, Mula Devender Reddy, Salakula Saroja,
Anjamma and Devalia Husandi — being produced in a Khammam court
after their arrest in Rourkela.

OSD (Anti-naxalite Operations) L. S. Chouhan said here on Tuesday that Ivvi Mohan Reddy alias Umesh alias Mahesh alias Prakash and Jade Venkati alias Suresh alias Manganna, both CTC members of the CPI (Maoist), were found loitering around the temple town.

The police on surveillance took the two moving in suspicious circumstances in custody.
He explained that the two persons came to Charla on January 11 along with Siva Prasad Bhanu alias Surjit alias Dhaniram alias Satish Patil, 25, as part of their plan to reach a Maoist camp in South Bastar region of Chhattisgarh. Siva Prasad Bhanu, who was also a CTC member of the party, was arrested by the police in Charla while Mohan Reddy and Venkati gave the slip.

Based on the confessions made by Siva Prasad Bhanu, the weapons manufacturing units of the CPI Maoist in Orissa were raided and five members of the CTC- Mula Devender Reddy alias Dhanraj aliasd Madhab, Dasaram Kanakaiah alias Kiran, Salakula Saroja alias Swathi alias Deepa, Chintakindi Anjamma alias Sneha alias Aruna and Devalia Husandi- who were instrumental for the operations of the CTC in Orissa were arrested.

They were brought to Khammam on Monday and produced in the local court.
The revelations made by Tech Madhu have dealt a blow for the operations of the CPI (Maoist) technical committee, according to Dasaram Kanakawamy alias Kiran, CTC member arrested in Orissa along with four others.

Talking to mediapersons, Kanakaswamy said the Rourkela-based weapons unit was set up only three years ago and its operations were yet to take a full-fledged shape.
"We began with 12 bore gun and planned to upgrade in a phased manner."
Working in isolation

The CTC wing monitoring the operations in Orissa was working in isolation. It had little knowledge about the happenings outside Orissa.

There was hardly any information about the developments in Andhra Pradesh, he added.
Kanakaswamy said he joined the CPI (Maoist) way back in 1994 in Warangal and worked for the party in Pune and other places in Maharastra before being inducted into the technical committee of the party.

Mula Devender Reddy, another CTC member, said that the party could strengthen itself considerably in the Dandakaranya region while the party was not the same in Andhra Pradesh.


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