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CPI (ML) targets private hospitals

Monday June 25 2007 12:28 IST

NIZAMABAD: The CPI (ML) New Democracy party's effort in the name of 'Prajarogya Parirakshana' is sending jitters to the private medical sector.

The party along with its related organisation All India Kisan Mazdoor Sangh (AIKMS) is now initiating all-party movement against injustice in the medical sector and trying to check looting of patients by the big hospitals.

The Telugu Desam Government has introduced an Act for checking the private medical sector and the Congress Government has released GO 135 recently to augment its implementation.

However, there seems to be no impact of the Act on the private hospitals. In such a scenario, the CPI (ML) with partnership of Telugu Desam, TRS and people's organisations formed a committee in Armoor for implementing its programme.

The newly formed committee has submitted one memorandum to the government and another to the Indian Medical Association (IMA) giving it two months time to ensure that the managements of the private hospitals function according to the Private Nursing Home Regulatory Act.

The CPI (ML) leaders also suggested the IMA representatives to see that the managements agree for running the hospitals in favour of public.

Buoyed with few recent successes in this area, the party has also prepared an action plan for spreading the movement to other districts like Nizamabad, Karimnagar and other areas.

The party had made one RMP in Armoor mandal bear the expenses for the treatment of one patient in a corporate hospital after his treatment on the person had an unwanted effect.

In another case, a young advocate had received timely medical service in Kammarapalli.

The party's efforts had even prompted some high-level officials suggest to the management of a private hospital to pay compensation to the bereaved family of a Dalit woman who died in their hospital.

AIKMS State secretary V Prabhakar called upon all politcal parties and people's organisations to join hand with them in their endeavour.

He ruled out allegations that their partymen were attacking doctors.

Meanwhile, Andhra Pradesh Nursing Homes Association district unit secretary E Ravinder Reddy said the CPI (ML) was asking for payment of compensation to the bereaved families of deceased in their hospitals and made it clear that it was not possible.

"Encouraging such incidents might prevent doctors from taking up serious cases," he feared. IMA district unit secretary Dr Mahipal Reddy said the party's efforts to check the medical profession was giving rise to new problems.

DM&HO MVVS Murhty said they do not have any information about the introduction of the Private Nursing Home Act. We are still awaiting for government orders, he said.


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