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News & Views on the Revolutionary Left

City-centred revolution in the offing, says Maoist leader Gajurel

By Gopal Khanal

NEW DELHI, Feb 3 - Maoist Politburo member Chandra Prakash Gajurel "Gaurav" Saturday revealed that the CPN-Maoist's participation in the interim parliament and the recently thawing relations with India was "merely a stratagem" for declaration of a republic Nepal.

Speaking at an interaction programme organised by the Maoist affiliated Democratic Students Union (DSU) of the Jawarlal Nehru University (JNU), Gajurel stated that his party's foray into mainstream politics was also a part of their "ongoing revolution."

He disclosed his party's strategies in reply to the Indian Maoist affiliated intellectuals and leftist leaders who accused the CPN-M of being "unable to maintain its revolutionary image."
He assured his supporters that Nepali Maoists had (not?) "abandoned its revolution but were instead strengthening themselves to this end and that in the recent days, the party had managed to achieve a substantial increase in the PLA fighting force."

"Since entering mainstream politics, we have increased our military strength from 10,000 to a 37,000-strong PLA. This in itself is a great achievement," Gajurel said.
"We are now capable of launching a fresh revolt any time."

Gajurel's comments have confirmed conflicting reports in that past that the Maoists had been busy recruiting PLA fighters even after entering mainstream politics.

Gajurel, who is also the in-charge of the party's "international command", revealed that if the parliament failed to get results, they would also conduct a "city-based revolution."
"We are going to the elections and make sure that the results are in our favour. If the oppositions capture one booth, we will capture five," he added.

He also divulged that a "People's Volunteers" was being formed for the party's city-based revolutions, elections and other "strategic activities".

He also said that the "People's Volunteers" would have around 100,000 members, adding that the Maoist Chairman Prachanda would soon make an announcement to this end.

Gajurel further stated that the refusal by senior leaders to participate in the interim parliament was also part of the strategy.

"Why didn't Chairman Prachanda, Baburam (Bhattarai), Badal and I himself go into the interim legislature? Because, once there, they (parliamentarians) must speak the language of revolution, something those who were there on frontlines are capable of."

He also said, if necessary, the CPN-M parliamentarians would lead the street and city-centred revolutions.

Disclosing that his party would take up guns as soon as peaceful measures failed to get results, the Maoist leader further added that his party was capable of being "locked and loaded within an hour."

Gaurav's claim of the PLA's "ability" to be armed and ready for combat within has raised suspicions regarding the ongoing UN monitored Maoist arms and armies registration and storage.

Union's former chairperson, Rona Wilson had chaired the interaction programme that continued till midnight in the JNU's Sutlej hostel, in which around 100 leftist students and intellects were present.

While Gajurel was busy giving away the party's internal strategy, members of his own Indian association, People's Right Protection Committee (PRPC), however, appeared "uncomfortable".
Gajurel, who was the chief guest during the inauguration of a PRPC programme recently, had faced criticism by representatives of Indian and international revolutionary forces who had accused his party of giving-in to a progressive outlook and forgetting the notion of class struggle,
Although he did not reply to those criticisms in an open forum, he disclosed his party's "masterplan" to CPN-M's foreign well wishers that Friday night. During the programme, he also claimed that 80 percent of Nepali territory was still "under the Maoists' control."
He also stated that the cordial relations with Indian government was part of a strategy, adding that his party couldn't do its job while India remained incensed.


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