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Chhattisgarh CM calls for integrated action plan against Maoists

Raipur, Feb 8 (ANI): Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Raman Singh on Thursday called for an integrated action plan for all the Maoist-infested states to effectively deal with the menace. In his key-note address at a two-day conference titled 'Maoist Insurgency: Assessment of the Threat and Doctrine and Strategies of Response' here, he said Maoist insurgency was becoming a national problem and an integrated plan should be made at the earliest, with all affected states clearly told of their roles.

"The (Maoist) affected states cannot deal with it just by asking each other what it is doing. An integrated action plan should be made at the national level to tackle it," he said. Indicating that the anti-Maoist movement 'Salwa Juddum' in Dantewada District would continue till the insurgency comes to an end, Singh said that the initiation of this people movement is the turning point in the fight against this menace.

Calling it a historical step taken by the people against Maoists, he said, "Salwa Juddum will certainly succeed". "It (Salwa Juddum) is not a political movement started by the Congress, the BJP or any political party, but by the people of Bastar.

It will be written in golden words in Indian history. No one can stop it, and whoever tries to do this will be demolished," he said. However, he admitted that violence was not a solution to any problem, adding that he was ready to hold talks with the Maoists, but only when they put down their guns.

On being asked as to why the common people have become easier targets for the Maoists, particularly after Salwa Juddum came into existence, Singh said it was a reaction against the government's step to tackle them.

He said the anti-Maoists action by the government had frustrated them, forcing them to attack the common people in the state.

The conference is being organized by Institute for Conflict Management (ICM) in consultation with and on behalf of the Government of Chhattisgarh with the primary objective being to rationalize the assessment of and approach to the Maoist threat in the country, to probe the ideological and military strategy of the left-wing extremists, and examine the doctrines, strategies and patterns of appropriate state response. (ANI)


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