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Surrender of Naxalites in Chhattisgharh is a Big Hoax....

Surrender of 79 Naxalites in Chhattisgarh"A Stage Performance Executed Perfectly By The State Government"......
Today's News Papers (4th January 2007) like The Hitavada,Dainik Bhaskar,Nav Bharat etc published from Raipur,Chhattisgarh has the front page news about the Surrender of79 so called Naxalites .It has been projected as the biggest surrender by the Naxalites since the formation of the State.With so much criticism of "Salwa Judum" by alsmost all the organisation which go to Dantewada District it was very important by the State Government and Mahendra Karma to get such surrender done to make "Salwa Judum" look good.Of the 79 surrendered rebels,26 belonged to Keshkal Dalam,10 to Durgghat Dalam,42 to Barda Dalam.Its surprising that all the rebels from different areas suddenly got together and decided to surrender in front of the CM in the State Capital.There were six rusted (Bharmar Banduk) guns brought by these maoist and the leader of this group who spoke to the media didn't even know to hold the gun.He was carrying the gun with barrel facing downwards around his shoulders.The surrendered rebels were made to raise slogans denouncing Naxalism and hailing the "Salwa Judum" movement.This doesn't make sense at all.The State Government lead by the Buisiness Community of Chhattisgarh knows all the tricks in the book as to how to make a wrong look right."Salwa Judum" is wrong.And this surrender was a part of a well planned drama to make it look right.Is displacing millions of Adivasis(tribals) from their natural habitat to use the mineral reserve underneath the right definition of development???Why can't they be a part of this so called development rather being displaced for good???
Writen by,Prabath Pattavi

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posted by Bimal 5.1.07,


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