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Signature Campaign against Salwa Judam

Dear Friends, Its been a year and a half since Salwa Judum started in Dantewara district of Chhattisgarh. Estimates are that anywhere between 500 to over a thousand (some even say 5000) people have been killed, over 3000 houses have been burnt, many women have been brutally raped and over a lakh are displaced. Despite growing evidence of violations, the government continues to follow the same path of militarisation. Please help in whatever way you can to end the situation - to stop the ongoing war against the tribal people in Chattisgarh through putting pressure on the Central Government start by signing this petition. The link is: /www.petitiononline.com/cpjcg/

Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF)
Khagen Das, President.
Rajkishor, General Secretary


posted by Bimal 4.1.07,


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