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India should not suspect our intentions,Maoist leader

India should not suspect our intentions, says Gajurel

A senior leader of the Maoists has said that India should not suspect its intentions despite its fraternal relations with the Maoist parties of India.

Talking to Nepal FM, Chandra Prakash Gajurel aka Gaurav, who heads the foreign relations cell of the Maoists, said, "When we join the government, then the government-to-government relations will have to be different. They are different from our fraternal relations with like-minded parties."

When asked how his party could manage to balance the relations with India if it joins the government since it has fraternal ties with the Maoist parties of India, which are launching violent struggle to topple the Indian government, Gajurel said that his party "will convince them through our behaviour" that they will never support the revolutions that aim to topple their government.

On the issue of the US government continuing to label terror tag on their party, Gajurel said that American government had always had "negative and anti-people" viewpoint vis-à-vis revolutionaries. "However, the US does not mean only the current Bush administration. There are opposition and there are common people. We think that the American people too will apply pressure on their government to change policies and continue to assist Nepal (even if the Maoists come to power)," he said.

Gajurel claimed that when Maoists come to power, the volume of foreign assistance will not decrease. "Rather they will increase substantially," he claimed.

Gajurel had been released from Indian jail along with another senior Maoist ideologue Mohan Baidya on November 31. They were released from Jalpaiguri jail after the authorities dropped charges – which included conspiring against India – against them.

Earlier, Gajurel had been transferred to the jail in Jalpaiguri after he completed his three years of jail sentence in Chennai and was released on September 18. However, he was immediately re-arrested by West Bengal police who slapped fresh charges of treason against him and moved him to a jail in their state. Gajurel was arrested on August 20, 2003 from Chennai airport as he was about to board an airplane to London. He also faced charges of using fake passports.

Reacting to the charge, Gajurel said it was a normal practice for revolutionaries around the world to use fake passports.

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