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Communists’ flag is red but their hearts are black:Gaddar

Left no longer close to ideology: Gaddar
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Pune, January 8: GADDAR, the revolutionary Telugu balladeer and vocal Naxalite activist from Andhra Pradesh,who was in Pune on Sunday and Monday to mobilise the “anti-establishmentrage” amongst the masses over Khairlanj killings, quota controversy and acquisition of lands for Special Economy Zones was equally critical of the“imperialist America” and the Left parties.

Accusing the Left parties of straying from their original philosophy, he said, “Communistonka jhanda lal hain lekin unka dil kala hain (Communists’ flag is red but their hearts are black),” he said addressing a press conference in Pune on Monday. His comments comes close on the heels of a raging controversy over allowing Special Economy Zones in Left-ruled West Bengal

Gadar alleged that the SEZs was a conspiracy of “imperialist” America, World Bank and International Monetary Fund. Describing SEZs as trouble, he said, “SEZ ke peeche sab choronki dosti hain (SEZs is a conspiracy of a bunch of thieves).”

He described the USA as the number one terrorist in world. He said, “Of the political, economic and structural terrorism, structural terrorism is the most dangerous.” He described Naxalism as “a new democratic revolution against monopoly”. “I respect Naxal ideology,” he added.

Gaddar described himself as active politician. “I am poet, singer, writer. I ask questions to rulers so I am an active politician,” he said. He said there was immense need for artists, writers, poets and intellectuals to come together against imperialism. He said there was also the need to use art to oppose imperialism.

Later, speaking at a meeting of intellectuals organised by Rashtra Seva Dal, Gaddar described the Khairlanji killings as fallout of an imperialist design and demanded a probe by a former Supreme Court judge into it.


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